➕ How are your cheesecakes low-carb and keto? 
Our cheesecakes are low-carb and keto because we use only the finest, keto friendly ingredients. Each bar is only 2g net carbs and we sweeten our cheesecakes with allulose and a hint of stevia so it tastes like the real deal!

➕ Will your cheesecake snack bars kick me out of ketosis?

Nope! Of course not. We designed our cheesecake snack bars to keep you full with roughly 12-15g of fat per bar depending on the flavor and no sugar added to keep you in ketosis. Our customers even have sent us photos of their ketone testing strips after they eat our cheesecakes! 

➕ How do you calculate net carbs? 
Net carbs = carbohydrates - sugar alcohols - allulose - dietary fiber.

According to the FDA, unlike aspartame and other sweeteners that are purely industrial, allulose both occurs naturally and is not a sugar alcohol.

All bars are only 2g net carbs.
2g net carbs = 15g total carbs - 0g sugar alcohols -12g allulose - 1g dietary fiber.

➕ Why do you use allulose?
We love allulose since it bakes and tastes just like real sugar!

Allulose is not a sugar alcohol (such as Erythritol or Xylitol), and it's not an artificial sweetener (like Splenda, Equal, Sweet and Low), also it is not toxic to animals (unlike Xylitol which is fatal in even small doses). Allulose is a rare natural sugar. If you've ever eaten a fig, or raisins, you've eaten Allulose, even if in just a minuscule amount, as it occurs naturally in nature, just in very small quantities.

➕ Why is shipping so expensive?
Shipping frozen, perishable items is *very* expensive due to the cost of warehouse labor, the cooler, refrigerant, and expedited FedEx 2-Day air shipping. We want you to receive the very best cheesecake! We are hoping to be in stores nationwide very soon. Please let your grocery store of choice know that you would like them to carry our products! 

➕ Where is my order?
We're here to help you find it! You will receive an email with tracking once your order ships. Didn't receive it yet? Please send your order number to through our chat and we'll share an update right away.

➕ What is your money-back guarantee?
We are so confident that you will love them that, we will refund your entire order, no questions asked. 

My package is lost, damaged or stolen, what do I do?
If you have Route insurance, file a claim here

Route shipping insurance is a low-cost 3rd party shipping protection service offered at checkout. When you purchase a product with Route+ shipping insurance, you will get an email with your Route Order ID and a link to file a claim.

To go straight to the claim form, click here.

To file a claim from your email, follow the steps below:

  1. Open your email from Route.
  2. In the email, copy your Route Order ID and then tap 'File A Claim.'

 ➕ Do you ship outside the US & Canada?
Unfortunately, we are only able to ship within the US.

➕ Are Wunder Cheesecakes gluten-free?
Yep! We're gluten-free.

➕ Are Wunder Cheesecakes grain-free?
Double yep! We're grain-free. However, we are processed in a facility that also processes tree nuts, peanut, egg, soy, and wheat.

Are Wunder Cheesecakes dairy-free?
No. We use fresh local dairy to produce our cheesecakes. 

➕ How many net carbs are in Wunder Cheesecakes?
Our cheesecakes are 2g net carbs per serving.   

➕ Do we ship wholesale?
Shoot us an email at hello@eatwunder.com