Keto Cheesecake Snack Bars (Pack of 9)
Keto Cheesecake Snack Bars (Pack of 9)
Keto Cheesecake Snack Bars (Pack of 9)
Keto Cheesecake Snack Bars (Pack of 9)
Keto Cheesecake Snack Bars (Pack of 9)
Keto Cheesecake Snack Bars (Pack of 9)

Keto Cheesecake Snack Bars (Pack of 9)

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Who said cheesecake was only for dessert? Keto, frozen cheesecake snack bars made for snacking!

✔️ Keto-friendly
✔️ Only 2 net carbs
✔️ 140-160 calories vs. 300-450 calories in normal cheesecakes
✔️ 5g of protein
✔️ 14g of fat 
✔️ 0g of added sugar
✔️ Grain-free + gluten-free
✔️ Baked from whole ingredients
✔️ Made with premium allulose 

It is just as amazing as it sounds. We craft our keto cheesecakes with lots of love.

Rich, creamy cheesecake with a dark chocolate top and flavorful shortbread crust. We swear you'll eat more than one. Keto-friendly, low-carb, and insanely delicious.


Because we're confident you'll love our keto cheesecakes, we offer a money-back guarantee on all orders. 

Only $3.33 per cheesecake bar! Snack on! 

We only make small batches! Our next batch ships on Monday, Mar 8th.

We carefully craft each bar so they're only 3g net carbs! Perfect for everyday snacking! 😋

Here is how we calculate net carbs. 

According to the FDA, unlike aspartame and other sweeteners that are purely industrial, allulose both occurs naturally and is not a sugar alcohol.

For all cheesecake snack bars: 

Note: We use less than 1g of sugar alcohols per serving. 

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Shelley C.
United States United States

This is hands down the best keto “snack” I’ve ever had - I bought numerous breads, crackers, cookies all that ended up in the garbage! But these are FABULOUS! DELICIOUS! Amazing

Leanne S.
United States United States
Chocolate & Plain w/chocolate topping

I really enjoyed both of these WW friendly cheesecake slices!! They are perfect as a treat right out of the freezer!!! YUMMY!

Sharon M.
United States United States

Love these cheesecake bars with a steaming cup of coffee. I am somewhat of a purist when it comes to cheesecake so no chocolate of any sort for me. The calories are reasonable. My only wish is that you could somehow reduce the number of carbs even further. I’ll buy more for sure but am currently sill working on my existing supply of these little gems.

Jennifer W.
United States United States
Delicious Cheesecake

The cheesecake is fantastic! The dark chocolate topping adds crunch to the texture. The texture of the cheesecake is smooth and lovely.

James S.
United States United States
Excellent Cheesecake, excellent customer service!

Ordered these and fedex ******* up the delivery; reached out to customer service and had replacements on their way near-instantly. Received them (usps this time) and they’re everything I was hoping for - excellent taste, low carb. Highly recommend!

Shawn O.
United States United States

I've got a wicked sweet tooth and I'm trying to do keto - lethal combo - at least until I found these little bars of magic. I got the New York style and the chocolate, both with the chocolate tops, and seriously, words don't do them justice. I liked the chocolate ones best - they've got a deep rich chocolate flavor and feel like a totally decadent treat. I'm trying to control myself, but when I run out, I'll definitely be ordering them in bulk!

Doug F.
United States United States
Cheesecake Bars are Devilishly Wunderbar!

As corny as this may sound, there is a undeniable sense of love coming from the Wunder Snacks folks. I felt it from the personal communications, handwritten notes, meticulous packaging, and of course the little devils themselves. And I call them little devils because after you eat one (even though it's quite satisfying) you go "Well, it's only 3 net carbs. Maybe I can have another." And that my friends is slippery slope .

Carole C.
United States United States

Your cheesecakes are so-so good. I have to hide them in the back of my freezer, so I don't eat all the bars in 1 box. New York Cheesecake is the only 1 I have tried. I'll have order other ones to try. Thanks for creating something I can eat without feeling guilty thanks again.

Aimee B.
United States United States
Really good

These are delicious. My whole family likes them, including my toddler. I have gestational diabetes and these don’t raise my glucose levels too high while allowing me to have a sweet treat. I will definitely buy more.

United States United States
Delicious Treat, Anytime!

Purchased the NY Cheesecake Bars, as I'm a big fun of traditional NY cheesecake from restaurants. The package arrived, no damage and neatly stacked. I intended to only eat one bar, but it was incredibly delicious and savory for my sweet tooth. Ended up eating 6 bars in one sitting, guilt free! Overall satisfied and did not taste different from what I would expect from a NY style cheesecake. I'm a fan of the Keto version, and gifted a friend a box to try. I'll be ordering more soon. Looking forward to the new flavors! Thanks, for making a quick and healthy snack!

United States United States
Seriously Amazing!

I have been on a very strict keto diet for well over a year now for medical reasons. During that time, I have always been searching for treats to help make things a little more bearable LOL This cheesecake is by far the best thing I’ve eaten in well over a year… It is truly amazing. From the taste to the consistency, to the high-quality ingredients, including allulose, this cheesecake cannot be beat. Not to mention, I religiously track my blood sugar and ketones throughout every day, and despite having way too much cheesecake the day I got it, my blood sugar stayed low (like in the 80’s) and I stayed in ketosis all day long. I let everyone in my house try it, and they could not tell the difference that it was not some thing from the cheesecake factory. Customer service has also been world class. What an amazing business! I have already passed on this information to my family, as well as my doctor. At this point, I don’t know that I will ever buy regular cheesecake again.

United States United States
Absolutely MAGICAL cheesecakes!

I think these cheesecakes just might be the closest thing to a miracle I've experienced. They taste exactly like the REAL DEAL, and that's coming from a cheesecake connoisseur. I believe the secret is the allulose they use. For years I've tried everything under the sun - erythritol, stevia, monkfruit, you name it. They all fall short of tasting and performing like real sugar in one way or another. Enter allulose. I'd heard incredible things about it but had never tried. So when I saw these cheesecakes were made with allulose, I was so excited. From the first bite I knew I had found something special. Yes, they're more expensive because of the allulose, but let me tell you. They are SO worth it. If you want to eat a *real* cheesecake that makes zero sacrifices, this is it right here.

April P.
United States United States
Delicious cheat snacks

The chocolate flavor is hands down my favorite! It’s smooth, creamy and full of delicious chocolate flavor. If you’re a chocolate lover like me and want to opt for something that has lower calories, this is the snack for you! Literally my go to cheat snack.

Vicki Y.
United States United States

I bought a set of snack bars for me and my husband, he’s on keto and I love cheesecakes. They’re so good and filling! One bar is enough to satisfy my sweet tooth. I loved them so much I wanted to share the joy and sent some to my brother and his family for a birthday celebration. One of the nephews, after one bite, immediately ran to daddy and stuffed it in his mouth. “Try these daddy. They are sooooooo good. Do you want to try it? Try it. Try it. Try it.” So in the words of my nephew - try them!!

United States United States

I have spent alot of money on keto goodies that ended up tasting horrible, but these cheesecakes are the real deal! So creamy and delicious, with a tasty crust and chocolate topping. Totally satisfies my sweet tooth without the guilt. I will make sure to keep stock of these as long as you guys are making them!!